Bird Feeder

Kit includes everything except paint. Please us paint from previous weeks if you need more please contact us 


Please make your mom a beautiful cookie with extra love and make yourself one using the icing and sugar cookies provided 


Pull String Art        

 1. Choose one of the colors of the base color and spread over entire canvas 

2. Then place the string in the other paint make sure to coat the entire string 

3. Places the strings on a zig zag pattern on the canvas make sure the end meet at the bottom of the canvas 

4. Start to pull the string slowly horizontal  off the canvas

5. Let the painting dry for 24hrs





Scratch Art

1. Use the crayons to color patches of different colors over the entire card stock paper. 

2. Paint the entire paper with black paint let dry 1 hour. 

3. Use tooth pick to scratch in your drawing (Sunday is Mothers Day)